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Uf dissertation

In classical terms, the dissertation includes the following elements: title, content, introduction, central part (usually four sections), conclusion, reports and appendices. In addition to these elements, other disciplines may be brought into the structure of the thesis. It all depends on many parameters, such as the specifics of the chosen topic or field of science that is being studied (medicine, economics, pedagogy). For example, the list of abbreviations should be used only when the candidate uses professional words. These are everyday medical items. Consider the main sections that should be in the thesis.


Plan features are often used by:

• Help the author to create a complete and consistent study of the subject of his work structure;

• Evaluate the main elements of the thesis.

Each section has its divisions. Each content item is indicated on the page where the article begins.

Literature Review (First Section)

Immediately after the introduction of literature begins the inspection. Here the author analyzes the scientific sources of information on the topic of the candidate. It is a description of the subject and object of research, their knowledge in the modern world. The dissertation council will evaluate the understanding of the applicant in the community but in the entire field of science.

If the work addresses several aspects of the problem, it can be divided into separate paragraphs, each of which is consistently written on one or the other side of the question. In this case, each element is numbered.

It is often impossible to write the first section before completing the thesis. So, as you write, the conclusions from the first chapter of the thesis can be supplemented and expanded.

An experienced applicant should know what the dissertation should be. All dissertations must have a consistent structure, be logically related and must precede each section.

It is desirable that each section of the thesis was a logical conclusion, and the topic was introduced in the next part.

To get the degree of candidate of science, a person must publicly defend his dissertation. And this dissertation, in addition to the other requirements that are imposed on it, has a reasonably clear structure that must be adhered to. Let’s look closer on it.