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Narrative essay

It is desirable to start a narrative essay with the preparation of your plan. Taking into consideration the proposed topic of abstract, it is necessary to formulate critical questions. Thus, the future content of works will be divided into several parts, each of which is logically executed by the future. This creates the answer to the critical questions related to this issue.

Through the plan, we can cleverly create a logical and consistent detailed presentation on a specific topic.

Essay composition

To prepare a composition plan, it should be noted that the composition of this type of writing consists of three elements:

  • Introduction
  • Main part
  • Conclusion

It should be noted that the absence of less than one element of the essence violates the sequence of applications and does not fully announce the essence of your writing.


The introduction of the article, as a rule, has several sentences, presenting the topic to the reader and in general issues the problem.

The first part of the essay may cover the following aspects:

facts from the biography or creativity of the author analyzed in the literary work;

the opinion of the author of the essay;

Body Paragraphs

In the central part of the essay, a thesis is traditionally formulated, taking into account the specific topic proposed. A thesis is considered to be the main idea of the text, which its author further proves using arguments. A correctly formulated thesis is the key to an impeccably structured composition.

The arguments should be logical and consistent. They allow the author to express the position he takes in relation to the problem raised in the composition.

An important factor is the tracking of the author’s position, which in no case can contradict himself. In this part of the essay, personality traction must necessarily take place.

The examples illustrating the author’s thinking play an extremely important role in upholding their point of view and confirming the arguments put forward.

Having a plan of composition, you can competently build a logical and consistent detailed statement on a specific topic.