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Apex Rotary Fly Tying Vise


Anvil Apex

 * Full in line rotary vise with user friendly rotation handle

 * 360 degree jaw rotation for inspection and trimming

 * Computer machined stainless steel construction

 * Hardened steel jaws

 * One step hook placement with grooves in jaws

 * Jaws hold hooks from size 6/0 to 32

 * Material spring on head

 * Fully adjustable tilting head

 * Pedestal base 5" x 3.25"; allows rotation and height adjustment

 * Adjustable clamp on pedestal allows for vertical or angled operation

 * G-Clamp allows rotation and height adjustment

 * G-Clamp fits surfaces from up to 1.75" thick

 * Maximum height of vice is 8"

see FULL ROTARY VIDEO DEMO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvQ2o9XmuDI


Could it be that one is a full rotary vise and the other is not? NO, they both have full 360 degree rotation capability. They why is the Atlas more money? 

Here’s the answer:

Apex: in-line rotary. Where the hook is on the horizontal plane to the barrel or top of the vise.

Atlas: off-set rotary. The jaw is off-set at an angle. This allows the jaw to be moved without conflict with materials.

Most people use a bobbin cradle with the Atlas. More complex flies can be made on this vise verses the Apex.

Both will do the job, but when dealing with multiple materials and glues, the Atlas provides added space for working.

*** The vise manufacturing section of Anvil USA was purchased by Wolff Industries, Indiana in 2013.  Although the name was changed the product itself has not. 
It is still made in the same plant in Indiana, USA.

Sold Out
  • Manufactured by: Wolff Indiana

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